Welcome to Seminary of Women Empowerment

We would like to bring to your kind notice that our Trust, a voluntary organization, has been working for the causes of the poor women including widows, physically challenged women and children of poorest families who are living in the city slums and adjacent villages. We attach herewith our organization profile which contains our bank information and details for your kind reference.

Our organization, among other programs, has been conducting various training programs such as Tailoring, Screen Printing, etc. Trainings are freely conducted to the poor women with few local donations.

Our organization is also desirous of imparting training to more number of poor women living in Madurai City slums and adjoining villages, and to conduct new training program “Sanitary Cotton Napkin Manufacturing” with a view to synchronize with the novel scheme promulgated by the Government of India “Clean India” .

Awareness Of Women Empowerment


There are several challenges that are currently plaguing the issues of women’s rights in India. A few of these challenges are presented below. While a lot of these are redundant and quite basic issues faced across the country, these are contributory causes to the overarching status of women in India. Targeting these issues will directly benefit the empowerment of women in India.


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Seminary Of Women Empowerment
Managing Director,
Address: 2/471, Melur Main Road,
Madurai District,
Mobile No : +91-9442752713 / 9498049913
Mail Id : seminarywomen2008@gmail.com


Tailoring (Ready-Made Garments Preparation) Training
Screen Printing/Designing-Training
screens printing/designing/bags,training/ sanitary cotton napkins manufacturing training.


  • Imparted Training programmes to women from below poverty line
  • Organising self help group and providing training regular sustainable development programmes
  • Guidance to learn office Automation  and technical skills to dropouts students especially girls
  • Supporting totailoring/garments sanitary napkin preparations etc
  • Awarness programmes to women regarding personal safety and hygiene
  • Personality development programmes to make them as an entrepreneur
  • Providing revolving credit to develop or start their own business from home

News & Events

Donation to help the helpless women including widows in city slums and adjoining backward villages. Tailoring, Screen Printing.
screens printing/designing/bags,training
Sanitary cotton napkins manufacturing training.


  1. Therapeutic feeding to highly vulnerable  children
  2. Free coaching centres for the  students to unemployed youth to prepare Govt examinations
  3. Promoting training and development centres to learn compiuter and official programmes.(Language development programmes)
  4. Free tuition programmes tpo students.
  5. Providing sports materials to encourage sports activites
  6. Periodical medical campaign Regular eye/dental/general medical check up
  7. Educational Assistance like stationaries and books
  8. Old age parental care
  9. Counselling programmes to family
  10. Conducting various skill programmes to dropouts, and required pupil
  11. Recreation programmes to family at yearly once
  12. Providing legal aid & awarness programmes regular Govt schemes
  13. Guidance to self employment programmes through bank also financial assitance.